Kat Dunn is back on the market living her best single life. The Big Brother alum revealed that she and Reality Steve Carbone have decided to call it quits. Reality Steve announced the breakup on a recent episode of his podcast, while Kat touched on the topic on her own podcast. The two had been together since June of this year.

Kat Dunn let her bold personality shine when she spent her summer in the Big Brother house in 2019 for season 21 of the show. Kat became known as the queen of conspiracy theories. Throughout the season fans watched as Kat shared with her fellow houseguests all of her different and abstract beliefs and theories. Kat quickly became friends with just about everyone in the house. Despite seeing the block on eviction night multiple times, Kat still managed to make it to jury. While inside the jury house, fans were shocked to hear that Kat was dating Nick Maccarone, which continued on into the outside world. Not long after the two broke up, fans were even more surprised to hear she had a new boyfriend, Reality Steve Carbone. Steve is a blogger that is known for his spoilers for The Bachelor.

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Kat Dunn just went through her second breakup of the year. Cheat Sheet reported that Kat Dunn and Reality Steve have broken up. Steve announced the breakup on a recent episode of his podcast, “Reality Steve Podcast.” The two had been together for eight months, despite not sharing much about their relationship on social media. Kat shared her thoughts on her own podcast with guest star and fellow Big Brother alum Elena Davies. After Steve had initially announced that he and Kat were seeing each other, fans began to flood Kat’s DMs with messages regarding “the seriousness of their relationship.” They had a ton of questions for Kat, which she referred to as being “super intense.” Some speculated that Kat was pregnant with Reality Steve’s baby while others pressured the new couple to meet each other’s families.

Kat went on to talk about the week following Reality Steve’s public reveal of their breakup. She described it as being a “hard week” filled with angry messages from fans who “demanded answers” regarding questions about their breakup. She concluded by defending herself in saying she does not owe anyone answers to any questions they may have. Prior to the podcast, Kat had initially touched on the break up by answering questions from fans on Reddit. She shut down accusations that the relationship was based around Kat’s want of  “clout,” exposure to The Bachelor fandom, and access to his podcasting equipment.” She also admitted that she was in fact upset about the breakup. Just days prior to Kat’s podcast episode, she jokingly tweeted out a screenshot of a comment she left on Big Brother: All-Star Enzo Palumbo’s Instagram post. She wrote, “Vacay looks good on you my man” to which Enzo replied, “better with you.”  Kat joked in the Tweet, “Anyways so I’m in another showmance…….’  before responding to her own tweet with a gif of Kylie Jenner pregnant and a caption reading “next thing I knew I was pregnant.” 

Although Big Brother’s Kat Dunn is the queen of conspiracy theories it seems as though fans have some conspiracy theories of their own regarding her relationship and break up with Reality Steve Carbone. It is no doubt they will soon have some theories regarding Kat’s recent exchange with Enzo.


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