When you think about Jennifer Lopez’s signature look, it usually involves a bronzy glow, nude lips, and big hair. Well, she’s debuting something different now — and this new look delivers something so incredibly chic. On the cover of the latest Allure magazine, Lopez shows off a dramatic hairstyle that we haven’t ever seen on her before,  and we love the transformation.

The short, layered cut with caramel blonde highlights harkens back to a Mia Farrow look in Rosemary’s Baby or the ’60s supermodel Twiggy. The style subtly frames her face, allowing her high cheekbones to pop — and yes, accenting that J.Lo glow. It’s such a shift for the World of Dance star, but it makes sense to try something different now that she’s in her 50s. She’s been pushing society on the standards of beauty since she arrived in Hollywood and this is just another example of letting everyone know that she’s more than her hairstyle.

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“When I came on the scene, it was kind of the time of the waif and everybody had to be stick thin,” she says to Allure about Hollywood’s body-image issue. “It was like, ‘Well, you’re not. How do you feel?’ I’m like, ‘I feel great about it!’”

Because Lopez and other celebs have been helping to change those standards of beauty, she’s hopeful that it will be different for her twins, daughter Emme and son Max, 12. But she admits, “Our generation is still dealing with the scars.”

Despite the challenges over the years, the actress is forging ahead with making women of all shapes, skin tones, and ages feel beautiful. Her new skincare line JLO Beauty is aimed at affirming that women are “useful and timeless at every age.”

Now that we can get her bronzy glow, let’s see if the Lopez haircut starts a new style trend.

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